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Chiropractic may prevent injuries


What is pain? Why do we feel pain? How can pain be useful to us? What can we do to help ourselves get out of pain?

If anything moves us into action, it’s pain.

None of us like being in pain and we will do whatever we can to get out of it as quickly as possible. But for some people pain can last weeks, months or years and a solution to the symptoms may seem out of reach or even impossible, leaving us with nothing but questions, frustrations, and in the worst cases it can mean we lead a modified lifestyle. We miss out on things we enjoy and our quality of life is reduced. At this point it’s easy to reach for treatments that simply dull the pain so you can continue to function and whilst this is totally understandable we also need to listen to our body.

It’s really important to look beyond the symptoms, and look for the cause. It’s critical not to just treat the pain. That almost sounds ridiculous right? But by just treating the pain with pain killers we are missing out on important warnings from our body. Instead, we need to look for the root cause, find what is triggering the pain and it’s not always what you think it might be.

Talk to your chiro and take a look at these videos to help you get a better understanding and some potential solutions…




Walking Club

In support of The Heart Foundation, https://heartfoundation.org.au as well as our vested interest in our patients health, our walking club is designed for a range of activity levels and for anyone who wants to keep active in a friendly and social environment whilst taking in the gorgeous surrounds of WA!

If you would like to join our Walking cub call Nikki on 08 9520 2890 or email on info@hfchiropractic.com.au

Times and locations do change from season to season so please call to get the details of where to meet.

All Ages Walking Club

Day: Tuesday’s
Time: 8.00am (In Spring/Summer), 8.30am (in Autumn/Winter)
Meeting Place: Various – please call Nikki to let her know you can join us 0424126055
Duration: 60 mins approx.
Distance: 5km approx.

Everyone Welcome! (Bring along a friend if you like!)

Day: Thursday’s
Time: 8.00am (In Spring/Summer), 8.30am (in Autumn/Winter)
Meeting Place: Various – please call Nikki for the venue so you can join us! 0424126055
Duration: 60 mins approx.
Distance: 5km approx.

SUP Club

Dr Sutton encourages all his patients to enjoy the outdoors and to get back in touch with nature.. it feeds the soul.

If you are a novice or an experienced Stand Up Paddler you are welcome to join the club! Contact us to find out more on 08 9520 2890 or on info@hfchiropractic.com.au