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What is Shockwave Therapy

Shockwave Therapy is evidence-based treatment that creates healing and restores function. Ask us how Shockwave Therapy can help you.

What can Shockwave Therapy help with?



Most common tendinopathies treated with radial shockwave are Achilles, infrapatellar, supraspinatus and lateral elbow pain.


Muscle treatment of trigger points, muscle soreness and muscle hypertonia.


The most common bone pathologies are medial tibial stress syndrome and greater trochanter pain.

Connective Tissue

Plantar fasciopathy, trigger finger and scar tissue are all well-known pathologies that are treated with radial shockwave therapy.

Neurological Disorders

Muscle treatment of spasticity with radial shockwave both in post hemiplegia adults and children affected with cerebral palsy.
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