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For Reformer Pilates

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We welcome EVERYONE to our classes, you don’t need to be a client of the Clinic to attend, you just need to want to improve your health and fitness. If you haven’t tried Reformer Pilates you may not know the extent of the health benefits; improve core strength, flexibility and also cardiovascular fitness, as well as having some crucial time to yourself and invest in your mind and body.

Our Reformer Pilates classes

We design classes to focus on specific things, for example; Strength Fit, which utilises weights and extra resistance training to build strong bones and muscles. Also Joe’s Sweat Class to improve cardiovascular fitness at the same time as working muscles to their full range of motion, improving flexibility. There are a full range of classes that can be modified to suit where you are at and where you want to be.
For Reformer Pilates
Reformer Pilates studio Port Kennedy
Our classes are a maximum of 6 people so we can tailor them more closely to the needs of the attendees, monitoring your technique and posture to ensure your safety and maximising the impact of the class. You’ll never have to worry about getting it wrong or not being able to do a particular move, we have got your back! We know just how to adapt things to ensure you can maximise every minute of the class.

Our Community

We love our community, they have been with us since 2019 and it continues to grow, they are supportive, understanding and keen to create a welcoming environment for new clients so we can just keep growing. If it’s a more peaceful, mindful class you are looking for, we have it covered, ask about our Mind & Body classes and our yoga fusion. Come and grow with our Studio and feel more like yourself than ever before.
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Nikki Reformer Pilates Instructor

Membership Options

4 in a month $110
4 classes to use in 1 month
8 in a month $190
8 classes to be used in a month
12 in a month $270
12 classes to use in a month
unlimited classes $330
Unlimited classes per month!

Class Types

Stretch & Release Class
Beautiful stretching and flexibility work to release tight muscles and allow you to build tolerance for more flexible movement. Using the reformer and other equipment like the roller.
Fit & Flex
This class is suitable for all levels but recommended for those who are familiar with the Reformer or used to exercise. It concentrates on flexibility and improved strength and overall fitness and having some fun in the process!
Strength Fit
Staying strong and keeping a healthy heart is what helps to keep us moving well into old age, what even is old age when you are strong and fit! This class can be modified depending on your own level, having the choice of weight and pace and being guided through traditional pilates moves with a twist. Fun, energetic and lots about keeping or getting as strong as you can be!
HIIT Reformer
Fast paced, cardio focused Pilates class! Get the heart rate going and feel the burn!
Mind & Body
Mind & Body classes are designed and programmed to give you the ultimate stretch and strengthen whilst moving slowly and in a controlled way. Using many of the traditional Joseph Pilates repertoire and adding complementing additions to enhance your experience of a class that can help you unwind and refresh. Suitable for all abilities.
Joe's Sweat Class
Fast paced, cardio and strength class for advanced clients or those familiar with reformer and exercise.
Restorative Pilates
Restorative Pilates is a class tailored to helping you to return to fitness following or whilst managing a chronic condition (subject to medical clearance for exercise). Allow our instructors to guide you through exercises to build and restore strength, flexibility, balance and coordination, using the Pilates Method and on our amazing Reformer Pilates equipment.
This half our of finding inner calm and restoring the mind and body will have you feeling centred and grounded again and help to find clarity and peace.
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