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Michelle Massage Therapist

Meet Michelle Arona

Our Remedial Massage Therapist
Michelle has a range of skills (including cupping and kinetic cupping) and a depth of experience from years of practicing remedial massage, that make her exceptional at what she does. If you have picked up an injury, have chronic pain or an ongoing issue or even just want to have a relaxing massage to unwind from a stressful week, Michelle is able to assist. If you are already a Chiropractic patient at the Clinic, Michelle is able to access your notes (with your consent), to be able to work specifically and in conjunction with your Dr, to address the root cause or concern.

What is cupping?

Small cups are positioned and a vacuum is created with just the right amount of suction/pressure to allow lifting of the fascia and myofascial tissues. These connective tissues surround the structures of the body, including the muscle, so by gently manoeuvring the cup, the movement may reduce restriction and encourage improved function, it could improve blood flow and fluid drainage, it may also increase elasticity and help to relieve muscle tension.
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