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Chiropractic during Pregnancy


We absolutely love taking care of women through special phases of their life, be it preconception, pregnancy or beyond birth of your child.

Changes during your pregnancy can alter your posture, biometrics and nervous system, which can lead to low back pain, pubic symphysis pain, round ligament pain or sciatica.

Chiropractic care is a safe, gentle and very effective way of helping your evolving body adapt through this important chapter. Chiropractors focus on optimising your spinal and pelvic mobility by tailoring adjustments, soft tissue therapy and home advice, unique to you, thus providing you with a more confirmable, well-balanced experience, throughout pregnancy and birth.

Watch out for our next instalment of Chiropractic and Motherhood for an insight on how Chiropractic can help your body be restored after birth.

Dr Wynn Chua

Ask your Chiropractor for more information on preconception, pregnancy and birth and how we can help guide your body through this chapter.