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When you’re under the weather and just trying to get through the day, necessities like food are often the last things on your mind. You just want to feel better, and, honestly, even your favourite foods seem unappetising when your nose is clogged, your throat is sore and you can’t taste a thing. However, making it a point to eat healthy foods while you’re sick can help speed up your recovery and may help you stay better longer.

Food fuels your body, and, especially when you’re sick, it’s important to give your digestive system a break by eating easily digestible, nutrient-dense foods. You’ll recover faster, and your immune system will become stronger. Here are a few ideas to get started..

Start with soup, as bone broth contains nutrient and minerals that can help boost your immune system Consider adding yogurt with probiotics that can help improve your sleep, digestion, and overall immunity Stick to lean meats, and consider those rich in omega-3 fatty acids such as salmon, which can help reduce any nagging inflammatio

Next Step

Those same healthy foods that help you recover faster can keep you feeling and functioning better all year round. This week, try creating a simple calendar outlining your meals. Emphasise healthy, home-cooked meals which will strengthen your immune system (and possibly save you money!).