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Safety measures for COVID -19 

Clinic News

We are still here, in the clinic, treating those of you who need our help.

It’s pretty much the topic of conversation on everyone’s lips at the moment, though most of us are possibly feeling a little bit depleted by it. Whether it’s trying to keep up with the ever-changing rules we must follow or the fact that ourselves, our friends and our family members are at risk of illness or unemployment. We can’t really escape the effects, so instead we do what we can to limit them. We all have our stand-point and my view is simply this, if we can do something which will help to take care of the physical or mental health of ourselves or our fellow human-beings then that has to be the decision and action to take. This is the action we have taken. (Take a look at the video inside the clinic). In case you didn’t spot everything on the video here’s a quick list of things to keep you safe when you attend the clinic for your appointment:
  • All our staff have successfully completed The Dept. of Health, “Infection Control Training – COVID-19”
  • Our front door will remain open (weather permitting), to reduce shared surface contact with other patients
  • We have hygiene stations throughout the clinic (hand sanitiser and hand washing facilities)
  • We have installed Anti-Viral air conditioning, filter units, situated in Reception and in treatment rooms
  • We have changed our booking schedule to limit numbers of people in the clinic at any one time
  • We have installed hazard tape on the floor to ensure safe distances
  • No patients are permitted into the clinic who; have travelled in the last 14 days, suffered any cold/flu-like symptoms, fever, cough, sore throat or been in contact with anyone presenting the same
  • We regularly sanitise the air and surfaces in the clinic, before and after patients arrive or leave the clinic
  • We do not accept cash at this time
  • We ask and guide all patients to swipe their own payment method to eliminate staff handling any of their cards
  • We continue to look for more opportunities to remain a safe and hygienic venue for our patients
Though COVID-19 has made many things change against our will, I can say that we have learned and gained from it too. It has forced us all to enjoy time at home more often, appreciate our environments, make the most of a walk and fresh air and look at ways in which we can respect our community space and how we interact. There needs to be a silver lining with every cloud, I hope you can find yours too.